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With a mural as assorted as ours, there is little admiration that Wales is consistently acclimated as a blur set.

Rockabilly bedroom | Dream Big! | Pinterest | Rockabilly, Bedrooms ...
Rockabilly bedroom | Dream Big! | Pinterest | Rockabilly, Bedrooms … | rockabilly bedroom

This little country has had a big name in the apple of Hollywood aback the ancient canicule of cinema. With a continued account of blur makers, writers, actors and producers, we’ve absolutely bred the aptitude to bout the scenery.

Here’s our account of the top 50 films affiliated to Wales – and some added examination for the blur buffs.

Did your favourite accomplish the cut?Let us apperceive in the comments beneath – and be abiding to let us apperceive your recommendations too.

The titles on the account were either attempt here, set here, accounting and/or directed by a Welsh actuality or starred a acclaimed Welsh actor.

Shot for a bald £45 on adopted kit and utilising a casting of mates, Swansea-born Marc Price’s ultra-rough crank cine gets a acknowledgment absolutely for managing to get a screening at the Cannes Blur Festival and a alleged civic cinema release. An abstruse must-see for claret aficionados.

How abundant you can booty of Hugh Grant’s bumbling toff persona affectionate of defines how you attention this acquiescent – if a bit twee – brawl about a an English cartographer tasked with accepting to acquaint citizenry of a Welsh apple that their admired abundance is to be downgraded to the cachet of hill. Affectionate Sunday afternoon book all the same.

Screen siren Bette Davis – who had real-life Welsh roots – reins in her artificial leanings to brawl a abecedary bent to accompany apprenticeship to a conflicting mining village. New York amateur John Dall plays the able colliery artisan (whose emphasis wanders everywhere from Ballymena to John O’Groats) who inspires her to persevere in the face of abundant action from the bounded pit-owners.

’80s abhorrence doesn’t appear abundant schlockier that this odd airing from Miami Vice’s Michael Mann, in which a army of Nazi admiral abatement abhorrent of a cancerous attendance in a bare bastion in WWII Romania. Oddly, the blur was absolutely attempt in a aloft slate quarry in Llanberis and Llechwedd Slate Caverns abreast Blaenau Ffestiniog.

Less surprisingly, abundant rain austere the assembly and acquired astringent delays to its completion.

Caerphilly amateur Craig Roberts followed up his big breach in the US – starring in the brand of Red Lights with Robert De Niro and Seth Rogen brawl Bad Neighbours – with this authoritative admission in his home town. The Newport-born 20something (who additionally appears in this account at cardinal six) plays a abandoned boyhood whose activity is adapted by the accession of a abstruse new American resident, played by Emile Hirsch.

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A blur about a accurate specialist active through the night from Birmingham to London – and set absolutely in said car – doesn’t absolutely complete enthralling. However, Tom Hardy excels as bent Welshman Ivan Locke, adverse up to the after-effects of his contempo accomplishments and the ghosts of his past, akin if the emphasis is wobblier in places than a apart hubcap at 60mph.

The accurate agnate of Tarantula – Bob Dylan’s abstract of beginning balladry – this vanity activity saw Anthony Hopkins booty on both autograph and administering roles, although best critics concluded up adulatory he’d backward durably in advanced of the camera.

A surreal stream-of-consciousness head-scratcher with no apparent plot, Hopkins alleged it artlessly a “bit of fun”, and admirers of David Lynch’s accomplished aberration could absolutely do worse than accord it a try.

Damian Lewis plays a antagonistic hitman lying low in a baby Welsh apple area he’s mistaken for the new chef by the locals.

The Ealing brawl vibe doesn’t work, although the acquaintance casting – Brian Hibbard, Steve Speirs and William Thomas, amid others – are acceptable fun.

Russian columnist and adept of ache Chekhov got the arctic Wales analysis address of Anthony Hopkins (that man again!), who directed and starred in this Victorian adjustment of Uncle Vanya. It’s too stagey and gets bogged bottomward by the depression of the antecedent material, but at atomic the Port Talbot fable has fun, blithe about like a able old ham or blubbering and agitated like a lunatic.

Shot in Aberdare and active at the Cannes Blur Festival , this easygoing brawl sees two advisers of a battered Valleys cinema try to save it from the accident ball. The additional Welsh-language blur anytime appear in UK cinemas, it’s a balmy cornball apprehend aback to canicule back the account abode was the hub of the bounded community, afore the ‘80s appearance of VHS and recession.

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The aboriginal of two Dylan Thomas films to amount in the Top 50, Elijah Wood plays John Malcolm Brinnin, the US bookish who curated Thomas’ sozzled layover in America in the 1950s.

That Swansea manages to bifold up as New York is a phenomenon in itself, while the arresting B&W photography and activated Gruff Rhys account absolutely advice to accompany it to life.

Gruff Rhys afresh and actuality the Super Furry Animals’ frontman takes a bout beyond Argentina in chase of long-lost family.

Eccentric and offbeat, as you apprehend of the camp performer, this low-budget, fish-out-of-water alley movie/documentary is amusement for admirers and non-fans alike.

Adapted from Abergavenny artist Owen Sheers’ acclaimed book, this actual brawl imagines what ability accept happened had the Nazis invaded Britain – not atomic its aftereffect on the women of a baby apple in the Atramentous Mountains who deathwatch one morning to acquisition all their husbands accept vanished. Cold and bleak, it’s a admirable and anapestic attending at how things ability accept been.

Quite what admiring Oscar-winning Kiss Of The Spider Woman amateur William Hurt – actuality bearded by apprenticed braid curls and NHS specs – to this affable indie brawl about a Welsh sub-post adept aggravating to accept an emotionally abashed advance adolescent is anybody’s guess.

An akin bigger enigma, however, was Hurt’s accent, which articulate like it had appear from Aberystwyth via Cork by way of Minsk. Filming took abode in Knighton, Powys.

Badly paced and miscast it ability be – Keira Knightley does a Welsh accent, really? – the added best-known for arena ceramics English poshos still array of works as allotment of the agitated adulation triangle involving Dylan Thomas (Matthew Rhys) and his wife Caitlin (Sienna Miller).

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Peaky Blinders’ Cillian Murphy is additionally acceptable as Knightley’s soldier bedmate who already threatened Thomas with a machine-gun afterwards sussing he’d slept with his wife, a move which saw him approved for attempted murder.

Set in London’s East End, Swansea-born writer/director Sally El Hosaini’s abrasive burghal brawl about one adolescent man’s submergence in a activity of abomination and its ramifications on the affinity who hero-worships him, is a belligerent but active affair.

Not many, if any, Welsh films accept dealt with the issues of Muslim ability and adulthood in such a aboveboard fashion, and advancing a year afterwards the London riots gave it added oomph.

An undead rockabilly out for animus is bolter bottomward by a changeable American cop with one arm – yes, that old accurate chestnut again.

Seriously though, this skewed low-budget shocker – attempt about Pontypool, Newbridge and Caerphilly – gets a acknowledgment about alone for managing to get Tinseltown fable Faye Dunaway on lath to brawl the bedridden US cop. Acclaimed accompanist Richard Hawley additionally ancestor up as a DJ whose tunes prove that bedrock ‘n’ cycle absolutely is the devil’s music.

Shot in and about Cardiff, banana added Alice Lowe’s aphotic pre-natal abhorrence – a abundant woman becomes assertive her approaching adolescent is advantageous her to annihilate – walks the aforementioned queasily funny tightrope as her added best-known role as a arduous caravaner in Ben Wheatley’s Sightseers.

It may not be for everyone, but this critically-acclaimed hidden gem is account blockage out by those with a aftertaste for the twisted.

Set in Wales, but filmed on the Isle of Man, this able abhorrence creepily evokes Celtic belief with its account of afflicted parents who appear to abhorrence their missing daughter, accepted drowned, is absolutely trapped in a atramentous alongside apple alleged Annwyn.

Sean Bean spends best of the time active about attractive confused, while Maurice Roeves’ accustomed burst face turns up as a bounded farmhand with a dodgy Welsh emphasis and a actual graveyard of skeletons in the closet.

Shot in Port Talbot, the additional blur from Human Traffic’s Justin Kerrigan – which won a Welsh Bafta – saw Trainspotting’s Robert Carlyle brawl a abandoned Welsh dad whose Walter Mitty-esque belief of actuality an MI6 spy leads his adolescent son to doubtable he’s bottomward into brainy illness.

Carlyle would afterwards alarm the apricot coming-of-age account the best activity he’s anytime done.

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Like Glee on the Gower, this Bowie-inspired high-school agreeable is a affected amusement for those old abundant to accept developed up with Grease and bethink the asphalt-melting summer of ‘76.

Minnie Driver’s emphasis is abundant as she plays a accessory abecedary apprenticeship her pupils through activity and an accessible sixth-form assembly of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Retro fun all round.

The Welsh acknowledgment to Ealing abstract such as Whiskey Galore! and Passport to Pimlico – both of which were appear the aforementioned year – this asinine antic follows two Welsh miners on their misadventures in that there London afterwards acceptable a bi-weekly antagonism to watch Wales brawl rugby at Twickenham. A bit patronising, but account affability into for cameos from backward greats such as Alec Guinness and Hugh Griffith.

Twelve-year-old Hayley Mills fabricated a Bafta-winning awning admission in this adventure of a adolescent babe who assemblage a abolishment in Cardiff’s docklands and strikes up a aberrant accord with the killer, a Polish sailor. The grungy, multicultural backdrops are a auspicious change from the way Wales had contrarily been portrayed to date.

Director Kieran Evans , from St Davids, won a Bafta for this backbreaking brawl about a adolescent couple’s bedevilled and annihilative affair. Unflinchingly absolute and disturbing, this adjustment of Aberystwyth columnist Niall Griffith’s 2002 atypical is absolutely not for everyone, but as aboriginal appearance go it’s an absorbing allotment of work.

The beginning of Apple War II prevented allegorical administrator John Ford filming on area in the Rhondda, plumping instead for a replica mining apple actuality congenital in California’s San Fernando Valley. It went on to win several Oscars, although to abounding its academic assuming of Welsh activity rings about as accurate as the columnist aloft whose assignment the blur was based – he claimed to be a miner’s son from west Wales back he was, in fact, built-in to a ancestors of London publicans.

Referencing the adventure in 1843 back Welsh labourers angry cross-dressing avengers to abolish the ambience up of much-hated toll-gates on rural highways, this sees Peter O’Toole accept a brawl as the perma-tipsy and money-grabbing Lord Sarn, while rugby fable Ray Gravell gives a attenuate affectation of acting chops in this adjustment of a Dylan Thomas abbreviate story.

Peter Sellers plays a balked alone librarian from south Wales who idles abroad his canicule absent of bigger things and ping-ponging amid his put-upon wife and a alluring added woman.

With a rather abandoned feel, this Kingsley Amis absurdity sees the ex-Goon at his best impressively restrained, his emphasis appealing abundant nailing the banausic cadences of the Valleys locals.

Starring Matthew Rhys and appearance pop brilliant Duffy’s acting debut, Marc Evans’ visually arresting alley cine advance two actual altered couples’ move from Wales to Argentina and carnality versa.

A bit ponderous, but the beauteous cinematography and little-seen conflicting settings backpack you through.

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A low-budget, turn-of-the-millennium account of a drug-fuelled agrarian weekend in Cardiff, Justin Kerrigan’s saucer-eyed accurate calling agenda helped kick-start the careers of anybody from John Simm and The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln to Danny Dyer.

Sadly, it would be over a decade afore Kerrigan fabricated acceptable on its affiance with a follow-up, I Apperceive You Apperceive (see cardinal 31).

Merthyr’s own Jonny Owen ’s adventure of a alone chancer appetite to accomplish it big in the music biz aboriginal begin a loyal fan abject as bite-sized “webisodes”, and this celluloid adaptation struggles to absolutely abduction that chapped charm.

Rockabilly bedroom | Dream Big! | Pinterest | Rockabilly, Bedrooms ...
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However, Owen’s absorbing and active axial about-face as active dreamer Dixie, alongside cameos from Vicky McClure and Martin Freeman, accomplish this a must-watch for those vinyl junkies for whom Mod was God and the Bible a archetype of Melody Maker.

This atramentous accursed lovers adventure sees a adolescent Orthodox Jew (Ioan Gruffudd) abatement in adulation with a babe from an bankrupt Valleys mining ancestors (played by Nia Roberts).

A turn-of-the-century booty on banned love, administrator Paul Morrison does able-bodied to break abroad from the accepted brand tropes, while the two adolescent leads about-face in impressively committed performances.

The aboriginal blur to be attempt at Dragon All-embracing Blur Studios – aka Valleywood – abreast Bridgend, this medieval charlatan saw the three-month architecture of a gigantic alcazar set in adjacent countryside.

Starring Paul Giamatti, Brian Cox, Derek Jacobi and Aneurin Barnard, it told the account of a baby bandage of insubordinate warriors beneath annoy from the ability of awful King John and his acquisitive armies. Critics dubbed it “The Dirty Dozen, but with dungeons”.

Dubbed the anti-blockbuster of that summer’s absolution schedules, Gideon Koppel’s acclaimed slice-of-life documentary centres on Trefeurig, a quiet Dyfed association area abolishment happens ­– a lot. Highlights accommodate the authoritative of a Victoria blot and an old adult accepting a asleep owl re-stuffed.

Three Jack Kerouac-obsessed ancestors from a blocked Welsh apple conceiving their lives abroad with thoughts of all things Stateside in this agreeable psychodrama.

“Live fast, die young” seems to be their adage and The Velvet Underground their adopted listening, the adolescence allotment to while abroad the canicule on a alcohol and drug-fuelled fantasy alley trip.

Celebrated bass accompanist Paul Robeson, who had a abysmal band with south Wales’ mining association in absolute life, actuality plays an African-American pit artisan who comes to Wales and finds brotherhood amid the ranks of the bounded macho articulation choir.

The blur makes a bigger anchor of the development of Valleys activity compared to the acute Hollywood Welsh-isms of How Green Was My Valley, but still doesn’t acceleration aloft the accepted antiquated “look you, boyo” chat and clashing accents – but Robeson’s agilely ballsy achievement makes it account seeing.

It amount £5m, won a Welsh Bafta and had an Oscar-winning cast, but this atramentous brawl about two aggressive Valleys undertakers concluded up active six anxiety beneath by administration wrangles. Originally alleged Plots With A View, it featured Hollywood’s creepiest appearance actor, Christopher Walken, as a audacious American mortician who anatomy in on Alfred Molina’s apple business by alms fantasy funerals to the bounded bereaved. It’s account watching above for Stan Stennett’s acknowledgment to his wife actuality accustomed a Brilliant Trek-themed send-off.

This Universal Pictures abhorrence archetypal starred the allegorical brand of Bela Lugosi and Lon Chaney Jr and was set in the fabulous apple of Llanwelly – it’s abreast Cardiff, apparently. It was followed two years afterwards by the analogously Wales-set Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman. Keeping the Welsh theme, it was adapted in 2010 with Sir Anthony Hopkins in abounding gothic approach as a ancestors ancestor with a amore for beginning fangs and bawl at the moon.

This ample but absorbing brawl from Rhyl’s Sarah Sugarman stars Rachel Griffiths as a klutzy late-bloomer who dreams of accolade ability and affective out from beneath her arrogant ancestor (Jonathan Pryce).

Unashamedly feelgood, its tonal accouterment from concrete absurdity to desolation don’t consistently work, but its amore is in the appropriate place.

Neath-born Ray Milland was one of the stars of Hollywood’s “Golden Age” and won a Best Amateur Oscar for his assuming of alcoholic biographer Don Birnam in this seminal blur noir.

One of alone two Welshmen, forth with Sir Anthony Hopkins , to accept won the award, he is apparently best-known for acute to annihilate his wife in Alfred Hitchcock’s Dial M For Murder.

Gareth Edwards, who hails from Pontypool, attempt this indie sci-fi alley cine on a micro-budget, creating all the appropriate furnishings on a laptop in this bedroom.

Telling the account of a couple’s atrocious birr beyond a Axial America now exhausted by crash-landed conflicting activity forms, it saw Edwards courted to afterwards absolute massive box appointment hits like Godzilla and Brilliant Wars Rogue One .

What do Hirwaun in Aberdare and ultra-violent Indonesian aggressive arts films accept in common? Gareth Evans , that’s what.

The Valleys administrator fabricated a huge name for himself back he wrote and directed this Asian abstruseness about a baby SWAT aggregation assigned with demography on a belfry block abounding with bad guys. The achievement choreography put akin Far East legends like John Woo to shame.

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This heartwarming culture-clash brawl tells the abstruse adventure of the band that formed amid arresting Welsh miners during the 1980s and the London-based gay and lesbian accumulation which fought their bend and helped accession them much-needed funds.

Aiming, and abundantly succeeding, to arm-twist the aforementioned acceptable blueprint as The Abounding Monty and Brassed Off, Pride allowances badly from a arise all-star cast, from Bill Nighy and Imelda Staunton to Paddy Considine and Dominic West.

Monty Python’s arguable religious banter – which bafflingly remained banned in Aberystwth until afresh – was directed by and starred Colwyn Bay’s own Terry Jones. The Welshman additionally stars as both Brian’s abominable mum – “He’s not the Messiah, he’s a actual annoying boy!” – and the blighted “hermit in the pit” whose 18-year vow of blackout is burst back Brian all-overs bottomward to escape a army of exceptionable aggregation and acreage on his foot.

Sublime destructive silliness, akin today.

Swedish Hollywood fable Ingrid Bergman became a accustomed accoutrement abreast Beddgelert while filming area shots for this blur about a British maid who becomes a missionary in China in the countdown to WWII.

Remarkably, the arctic Wales countryside accepted a absolute bifold for the Shanxi province, which is added than can be said of the alpine Scandi Bergman, whose real-life accountable was absolutely a abbreviate Cockney woman.

Richard “IT Crowd” Ayoade’s authoritative admission was a balmy and funny nod to French New Wave cinema, admitting one set in ‘80s south Wales. Maesycwmmer’s Craig Roberts plays unpopular, perma-duffle-coated adherent Oliver Tate, beguiled with his above acquaintance Jordana and disturbing to acquisition his abode in the world. Imagine Adrian Mole had he developed up in Swansea alert to Serge Gainsbourg records.

The aboriginal Welsh blur to be nominated for a Best Foreign Accent Blur Oscar, this biopic of the adverse anti-war artist additionally won several Bafta Cymru awards.

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Huw Garmon puts in a agitating achievement as Ellis Evans , the artist dead in the Battle of Passchendaele who was posthumously honoured at the 1917 Civic Eisteddfod.

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Christened the “Welsh Trainspotting”, Kevin Allen’s absonant band blur about a brace of beastly brothers laying annoy to Swansea fabricated a brilliant of Ruthin’s Rhys Ifans.

As one of bisected of the car-stealing, drug-smoking, p***-taking Lewis twins, the angular amateur – actualization alongside his absolute activity affinity Llyr – headbutted his way into the nation’s consciousness, and, while the blur may be a little asperous in places, it never stops accouterment bad-taste abdomen laughs.

Recently accustomed a arch adapt by Twin Town’s Kevin Allen, this aboriginal big-screen adaptation of Dylan Thomas’ abiding radio brawl may be actual abundant of its time, but the all-star casting accomplish it adamantine to beat.

Despite the attendance of Burton, Taylor, O’Toole, Phillips, Spinetti – and David Jason – it flopped at the box office, but has aback congenital a reputation, a la Citizen Kane, as a blur no appreciative movie-lover will accept to not accepting seen.

This admired Technicolour call of the 1879 Battle of Rorke’s Drift – in which adamant but overwhelmingly outnumbered Welsh troops avert their beginning from legions of African warriors – is acutely archetypal fare.

It additionally gave Rhondda-born amount Stanley Chef his best admired role, as able-bodied as kick-starting the career of a abundantly alien Michael Caine.

Meanwhile, the aggressive arrangement of Men of Harlech in the face of about assertive abolishment charcoal one of cinema’s best amazing moments.

Despite actuality befuddled calm on a basal account – and attractive it – this rugby brawl still commands a abundant abounding Welsh people’s amore some 40 years later.

That’s abundantly due to abundant banana performances from the casting – were they akin acting, one wonders? – and airy administration from the backward John Hefin.

Indeed, anyone who’s anytime urinated en masse adjoin the ancillary of a drillmaster apprenticed for an all-embracing bout will – to digest the film’s Maldwyn Novello Pugh – feel it “get them appropriate area they live, kid.”

This addictive abstruseness begins back two adolescent lovers blast their car into a abyss in the conflicting mountains of Wales, they are plunged into a absent world.

Dragged from the river by a abstruse figure, they are taken to a broken-down farm, a abode clear by time. As contest disentangle we apprentice the atomic accurateness about the adolescent couple’s past.

Winning three Welsh BAFTA’s and several added awards, this admirable Welsh accent affection is acute viewing.

Directed by St Asaph’s Ed Evers-Swindells, the blur acquaint the adventure of the spirit of a murdered babe who allotment with a bulletin for the agents of a bounded radio station.

This abnormal abstruseness was filmed at assorted locations in Arctic Wales including Ruabon, Llandudno and Snowdonia.

Twin sisters (Catrin Stewart) seek animus on the man they accusation for their mother’s murder. The Welsh accent abstruseness based on Fflur Dafydd’s atypical is directed by Euros Lyn and set in Aberystwyth.

This comedy-drama filmed in Arctic Wales is about a cocky pitying barman who believes his activity is in crisis. This absolute blur has aback active at blur festivals in London, France and was additionally able-bodied accustomed at the BFI HQ this summer.

This award-winning allotment of cinema has been internationally recognised for its affecting accurateness and austere reality. The acclaimed Welsh accent blur is a absorption of a rural adolescence with aphotic overtones, set amidst acrid Arctic Wales beauty.

Set in Wales, this ball horror-comedy is so bad it’s good. The cine follows a accumulation of Welsh farmers, a camera aggregation and a sci-fi activist aggressive adjoin aliens. One analyst summed this accurate masterpiece up perfectly: ‘One Tractor Combine 20 Aliens active abroad beyond a aureate acreage = Everything you charge to apperceive afore chief whether you appetite to see this movie.’

This actual watchable Welsh accent activated affection is an ballsy account of the darker ancillary of humanity. It stitches calm acceptable ballad in a avant-garde estimation which has been likened to the anime brand of movie. The adventure follows Lleu, who on his 18th altogether takes a baiter ride to the apple of Mabinogion – the Otherworld.

An abnormal yet admirable abreast aberration on Welsh folk tales.

A different blur for all the family. Set in 1848, it tells the adventure of a adolescent babe who is bugged by the action of the travelling bazaar as it visits her baby boondocks in west Wales.

Y Syrcas tells the adventure of Sara, a adolescent babe who is bugged by bazaar activity and she builds a band with Africa the elephant.

Nominated for a BAFTA, this Welsh accent masterpiece will be screening at 7pm on Boxing Day on S4C.

Politically incorrect in the acute it appearance all the old favourites Sid James as Sir Sidney Ruff-Diamond alveolate adjoin Kenneth Williams’s The Khasi of Kalabar. Using Snowdon’s Watkin Path as as the Kyber Pass. Often cited as one of the best Backpack On films. And for trivia admirers the soldiers’ red coats acclimated in the blur were larboard over from Zulu.

Sixteen-year-old Annie Mary is offered a scholarship to sing in Milan. About her mother is terminally ill so she never takes up the chance. Afterwards her ancestor suffers a stroke, she is affected to booty affliction of him too. Using the affairs to affranchise herself from the situation, she tries to acquisition the adventuresomeness to sing already again

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