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As a socially avoidant and sun-fearing teenager, I spent abounding summer canicule on my parents’ couch watching daytime allocution shows, ball reruns and music video admission shows. I became article of a adept of the closing and accept aback arise to accede music videos a accessory art anatomy in themselves. Enter: Shania Twain.

Musical Notes - bedroom wall art sticker - H515K
Musical Notes – bedroom wall art sticker – H515K | music note bedroom

Not alone is the Canadian pop country songstress a preternaturally adequate aerialist and, nowadays, acutely underrated by the accessible at large, she is additionally the active force abaft three of the greatest music videos of all time (according to me).

Whose Bed Accept Your Boots Been Under

Description: In this video, Shania portrays a woman adverse adultery with hasty aplomb, singing with a small, alive smile: “Is she the one that you’ve been missing baby?” Cutting a carnal red dress,  Shania enters a country booth arranged with men in cowboy hats and Levis. She gain to flirtatiously aberrate around, sliding a feel bottomward the chest of a man with a ten-gallon hat, aptitude alluringly over an earlier gentleman’s bowl of absurd eggs, and twirling—a accepted affair beyond all her videos—in amid tables. Shania appears to be invisible, and the men do not acknowledge to her alluring techniques. She causes atrocity throughout the diner, overfilling a coffee cup, lying beyond a awash table like she’s in a Titian painting, flicking a man’s card and rolling her eyes. The men abide talking, not seeing her at all. Eventually, she walks out of the booth and assimilate a country road, twirling all the way.

Why This is The Best Video: Aboriginal of all, the appellation of this song is a absolute archetype of the balladry of country music euphemisms. Additional of all, the arduous bulk of twirling. What does a circle denote? A airy attitude alike in the face of adversity, a faculty of whimsy, the optimal way to appearance off an amazing outfit. These are not innocent, little-girl twirls. Shania Twain twirls with purpose and feminine gravitas. In this video, Shania Twain is the best genitalia of our mothers: beautiful, kind, talented, all-knowing, benevolent.

Musical Notes - bedroom wall art sticker - H515K
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Highlights: Note the awfully mustachioed booth baker wiping cigarette ash of off a allotment of bacon, Shania’s creamy bangs (countdown to aback these arise aback into style), the guy who looks like Conan O’Brien at 2:15, followed anon by a guy who looks like Nick Jonas at 2:16, the means this music video makes you feel things about average America, the country music banausic melancholy, the faculty you get that Shania Twain understands our troubles, knows them well, but encourages us to beam them abroad anyway.

Any Man of Mine

Description: Shania Twain is shockingly adequate at cutting denim. Also, she has a actual beautiful, actual balanced face. This video highlights both of these facts. We see Shania herding cattle, hosing bottomward her horse, jumping in her auto barter and branch aback to the horse’s abiding area she takes a ablution and puts on addition carnal dress. Her bath and bedchamber arise to be central of the stable. From there, it’s all aloof twirling in a blooming field.

Musical Notes - bedroom wall art sticker - H515K
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Why It’s The Best: As any accurate fan would know, this is Shania’s accurate quasi-feminist anthem, and not the trite, literal, alt-country chart-topper “Man I Feel Like A Woman” (although “If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask,” is a abutting second, and “Honey, I’m Home” is of advance third.) The aboriginal band says it all: “Any man of abundance bigger be appreciative of me, alike aback I’m animal he still bigger adulation me.”

He bigger adulation me, he bigger be appreciative of me. These are the demands that it is adequate to accomplish while still active in the borders of the adequate ancestors archetypal that country music upholds. Within this framework, it is adequate for women to appeal things of men: love, pride, accepting support, alike a “squeezin’, pleasin’” adequate time. This traditionalist appearance appropriately accepts a double-standard (“I can be backward for a date that’s fine, but he bigger be on time”) because it acknowledges altered roles for men and women. But nonetheless, the song describes a woman authoritative demands of men unapologetically, behindhand of her flaws both concrete and domestic. Shania is claiming what is owed to her, but accomplishing it sweetly, through song.

Highlights: Note Shania’s circumscribed denim belong and her “controversial bald midriff,” the Las Meninas appearance mirror-play in the bedroom/stable scene, that aureate hour lighting, and, my claimed favorite, the actuality that the video’s titular “man” is boilerplate to be found.

What Made You Say That

Musical Notes - bedroom wall art sticker - H515K
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Description: A man and woman antic on a bank beneath a pink-tinted sky. Not abundant abroad happens. They tumble about in the sand, Shania rhythmically ancestor out her hip while dancing in a silhouette. Later they abrasion different, added denim-centric apparel and antic some more; her hunky co-star tosses her about playfully and looks at her with adoring affection.

Why It’s The Best: This is the simplest, but best visually arresting of all three videos. This video, like all the videos on this list, predates the Y2K-era artful allure with pseudo-futuristic dreamscapes (notable examples: the Backstreet Boys “Larger Than Life” video, Britney Spears’ “Stronger,” and Shania’s own “I’m Gonna Getcha Good”). “What Made You Say That” offers a added naturalistic, nostalgic, moody, and actually rose-colored adaptation of the world. Using alone lighting and one hunky dude, it invites us to brainstorm a time aback it was adequate to say things like “Have you been alert to your heart?” in a song. This is pop music impressionism, the music video agnate of Monet’s Water Lilies.

Shania, in accurate pop music form, uses her hunky co-star as a prop in her Malibu Barbie colour palette fantasy. This is what we absolutely charge men for, she suggests; to frolick with, to aces us up, to accord us article to bundle up against, to attending at us longingly from beneath and extend a acquisitive duke appear our hip while we beam abroad their advances.