Define What Furniture Companies Are Actually Saying – Some Helpful Definitions

August 30, 2016 @ 4:38 pm

When shopping for that special piece of furniture for your home beware of the terms below. Below you will find the definitions of some terms used by furniture companies to lead you to believe that you are buying quality solid wood furniture. Don’t be fooled, if they aren’t telling you that you are purchasing handcrafted solid wood furniture then you aren’t. Solid oak, cherry, maple and walnut may cost a bit more than pressed board but the beauty and quality are worth it. We sell solid wood furniture that will last a lifetime.

Select Hardwoods
Select is a rank on a grading system but is not specific to kind of wood. This term does not mean that the piece is made of Oak, Cherry or any other hardwood. This term only means that the wood used in the piece is above average in quality.

Grain Engraved Particle Board
– This is product looks like real wood but is actually pressed, painted and finished particle board. This is not wood veneer, this product cannot be refinished.

Wood Solids or Hardwood Solids

– Not solid wood. Wood solids or hardwood solids means that the particle board is pressed from hardwood pulp and/or chips – not necessarily a hardwood that you would know by name.
Cherrywood Finish
– Only refers to a color – generally a dark aged
cherry/mahogany. Sounds like it’s cherry wood, but furniture that is referred to as cherry wood is nearly always paro wood or asian beech or some other wood disguised under a heavily toned finish.

French Dovetails
This is not a good joint.
On some drawer fronts, there will be a dovetail shaped groove going up and down into which the sides of the drawer slide.
What you want is a drawer box is English Dovetails front and back attached to the drawer front.
All of our drawers are made with English Dovetails.

Other Solids
The piece is made with different wood pieces from different species. The piece is usually made with almost completely other woods as opposed to mostly oak or mostly cherry.
If the make uses some Cherry or some Oak they usually refer to the piece as solid cherry or oak with hardwood solids.

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