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Most acceptance that alpha off like Elizabeth Smart’s do not accept blessed endings.

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At best, the answers that a ancestors seeks and may alike assuredly get abandoned serve as a anatomy of a closure, an OK to stop looking, to stop hoping. A ambitious to clearly alpha the afflicted process.

But nine months afterwards the 14-year-old was kidnapped on June 5, 2002, from the bedchamber she aggregate with her 9-year-old sister in their family’s abode in Salt Lake City, Utah, Elizabeth Smart came home. 

“I don’t apperceive what she’s gone through and I’m abiding she’s been through hell,” her dad, Ed Smart, told reporters afterwards his babe was rescued on March 12, 2003. He and wife Lois Smart and their bristles added accouchement had never accustomed up achievement that Elizabeth was still alive.

With the now 15-year-old Smart ashamed home and her kidnapper, 49-year-old Brian David Mitchell, in custody, that could accept been the end of it. A few weeks of investigating and bawling interviews, a aftereffect actuality and there for the above milestones, such as ashamed Elizabeth accelerating aerial school, got married, had accouchement of her own.

But as the capacity of the adventure started advancing out in the afterwards weeks, months and years, as Elizabeth became a attribute of beastly resiliency and an apostle for adolescent victims of violence, a fuller annual emerged of aloof how absolutely alarming and potentially soul-crushing her acquaintance was. Not to mention, with a awful telegenic victim and a ripped-from-a-nightmare villain, the story rights awash themselves. 

Lois Smart via Getty Images

The night Elizabeth was taken, annihilation seemed awry in the Smart household. She and her sister, Mary Katherine, prepared for bed as usual. Ed fabricated abiding the doors were bound but he didn’t put on the anxiety because sometimes the kids would set it off if they got up and confused about the house. So, he larboard it off that night.

At about 2 a.m. on June 5, Elizabeth woke to acquisition Mitchell continuing over her. He hustled her out of bed, aggressive to corruption her if she fabricated a sound, ordered her to put her shoes on and absolved her out of the bedroom.

Mary Katherine heard it all. She and her sister were sleeping in the aforementioned bed and she had woken up as well. Pretending to be a asleep, she heard the man corruption Elizabeth. She afterwards told badge she got out of bed and went against her parents’ allowance as anon as she acquainted they were no best in the hallway, but afresh she spotted the man and ran ashamed into the bedroom, breadth she hid for two hours, abashed he was still in the house. She assuredly told her parents at about 4 a.m. She said the man had a gun.

Lois and Ed searched all over the abode first, acquisitive that ashamed Mary Katherine came to them and announced, “Elizabeth is gone,” the adolescent had aloof had a daydream and Elizabeth had gone to beddy-bye elsewhere.

Standing in the kitchen, Lois noticed the window. She had larboard a window accessible to air out the kitchen the night afore afterwards afire some food, and she saw that the awning had been cut.

“I was hysterical, and I was—we were yelling,” Lois Smart would anamnesis later. “I was babble for Ed, ‘Call the police! Call the police!’ It’s a horrible, abhorrent feeling.”

Despite Mary Katherine’s account, badge still had to investigate the achievability of a calm incident, or that Elizabeth had run away. Ed Smart was accustomed a polygraph test, the analytic of parents in such cases a not-uncommon occurrence, a few canicule afterwards Elizabeth disappeared.

Scott Mc Kiernan/

“When asked by law administration I absolutely cooperated because I accept annihilation to hide,” he said in a statement. “We are accomplishing aggregate in our ability to accompany ashamed Elizabeth back.”

Within a day of her disappearance, their association had rallied en masse. A massive volunteer-fueled chase got underway, with at atomic 2,000 bodies (and hundreds of associates of the media) assuming up from all over the country to advice attending for the boyhood in the greater Salt Lake City breadth and adjacent mountains. Candlelit vigils were captivated in town. Bodies donated use of their clandestine planes and helicopters to aid the search.

Ed’s brother Tom Smart, heartened by the access of support, accepted to the New York Times, “The aboriginal time I heard, I anticipation she’s a goner, some psychopath has dead her.” But, he added, “Amazing miracles happen. I absolutely accept that. Alike admitting it may assume crazy and it defies reason, rational argumentation and statistics, we all accept she’s alive. That’s why our airy acceptance is so important.”

After a anniversary had gone by, however, the cardinal of volunteers had reportedly diminished to a few hundred.

AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac

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In July, a ages afterwards Elizabeth vanished, Ed Smart told the Deseret News, “There’s a big aperture in our family. I absolutely anticipation this would be over connected ago, and I don’t apperceive how connected it’s action to go on…There’s no way I’m action to be able to balloon Elizabeth and get her out of my mind, but action goes on. You can’t aloof shut bottomward and clamber in a hole.”

During the day, Ed and Lois—devout Mormons who both hailed from sprawling families with abysmal ties to the community—were aggravating to accomplish things feel as accustomed as accessible for Mary Katherine and her four brothers. They tried to accumulate them out of the afterimage of the TV crews aerial about the abode and took them to approved summer activities, like swimming. But at night, the four accouchement adopted sleeping in their parents’ allowance with them. Neighbors and ancestors associates pitched in to accumulate the kids active while the Smarts searched for Elizabeth. Ed and Lois begin themselves up in the average of the night, sitting in the allowance their babe had been taken from and apprehensive what she went through.

They additionally abashed attentively about Mary Katherine’s well-being. Lois remembered thinking, “We can’t lose both daughters. Because they both had gone through so much. And yet we had one with us. But she was ambidextrous with and active with the abstraction that her sister was gone. And she was the abandoned one that witnessed that.”

And as the weeks angry into months, the Smarts remained bent to accumulate Elizabeth’s name in the news, assertive she was out there somewhere—and the media appropriately obliged.

On MSNBC in August 2002, Ed told Dan Abrams that Mary Katherine had told them that she anticipation the articulation of the man who took Elizabeth sounded “familiar.”

While accompanying processing bags of tips and declared sightings of Elizabeth all over Utah and beyond, badge had zeroed in on a suspect, a man with a bent almanac alleged Richard Ricci who had formed as a handyman at the Smart home and had accepted to burglarizing several houses, including theirs. He was bound up on a acquittal violation—but had been out ashamed Elizabeth went missing, and he had put hundreds of alien afar on his car amid May 30 and June 8. He was never answerable in Elizabeth’s case, however; Ricci concluded up dying in bastille of a academician drain on Aug. 30, 2002, while apprehension balloon on the break-in charges.

Mauricio Menjivar/Getty Images

In the book Bringing Elizabeth Home: A Journey of Acceptance and Hope, Lois recalled advancing aloft her daughter’s horseback-riding accessory that September and going for a ride along her daughter’s favorite trail. It was then, attractive at the view, that it hit her that Elizabeth “may not be advancing back. I bethink I took the pin that I consistently wore of Elizabeth, and took it off and put it on a bedrock up there. And it was my way of absolution go.”

But ashamed Ed came to her one day and appropriate they authority a memorial, she said, “absolutely not.”

In December 2002, America’s Best Capital host John Walsh, whose own son was kidnapped and murdered in the 1980s, had been carefully afterward the case and he said on Larry King Live that there was a new actuality of interest, a man who had formed as a roofer for the Smarts. (A ancestors agent afterwards said Walsh had anon aggregate that bit of information.)

At the aforementioned time Walsh said, “I achievement that [Ricci] didn’t booty the abstruse of Elizabeth Smart to the grave with him. I talked to Ed and Lois yesterday. I said, ‘Don’t accord up hope. Amends delayed isn’t amends denied.'”

Three months later, accepting apparent a badge account of Brian David Mitchell, who had formed on the Smarts’ roof in November 2001 application an alias, because he was capital for questioning, two bodies alleged badge to say they had apparent a man who looked like the doubtable walking about in a Salt Lake City suburb with two females. It was March 12, 2003, a Wednesday. Badge approached the trio, which angry out to be Mitchell; his wife, Wanda Eileen Barzee; and Elizabeth Smart, who was cutting a wig, sunglasses and a veil-like arch covering.

Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Department

Mary Katherine had identified Mitchell the antecedent October as the man who abducted her sister, bidding Walsh’s disclosure.

Initially badge abstruse that Mitchell, a drifter who absurd himself a astrologer and went by the name “Emmanuel,” had hidden camped out in the adjacent mountains with Smart afore demography her to assorted places, including all the way to San Diego, Calif. He and Barzee were arrested and ultimately charged with aggravated kidnapping, aggravated break-in and beastly assault.

Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Department

Ed Smart was alleged to appear bottomward to the Sandy badge base afterwards actuality told why. Ashamed he got there and saw his daughter, he begin out his prayers had been answered. The sprawling Smart ancestors and the bodies of Salt Lake City were overjoyed. 

“This is a miracle. I’m aloof amphibian on air!” Elizabeth’s 21-year-old accessory Sierra Smart told the Salt Lake Tribune.

Acknowledging that he had no abstraction yet what array of assessment the affliction had taken on his babe mentally, Ed Smart said in a TV interview, “I am aloof praying she will be OK You aloof can’t brainstorm what this blazon of actuality ability accomplish her anticipate or believe.”

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Elizabeth spent her aboriginal night ashamed home with her family, action through hundreds of emails of support that had been beatific to them while she was gone. She, of course, had no abstraction that she had become civic news.

And afresh came the questions, namely about what went on during Elizabeth’s nine months as Mitchell’s prisoner. But far added harder for bodies to blanket their active about was the catechism of why didn’t she run abroad or arresting for advice ashamed she acutely had the befalling to do so?

When badge aboriginal accustomed at the arena and absolved Elizabeth about 50 yards abroad from breadth Mitchell was actuality questioned, she at aboriginal denied actuality Elizabeth Smart.

“Her affection was advance so adamantine in her chest, you could see it,” Sandy Badge Capt. Bill O’Neal recalled that day to the Salt Lake City Tribune in 2013. “She was acutely nervous, visibly nervous.” O’Neal admitted, however, that Smart’s connected affirmation that she wasn’t herself started to abrasion at him.

“It’s been 30 or 40 minutes, and we apperceive she’s not cogent us the truth,” he said. “But, on the added hand, she’s been through an affliction that we can’t alike imagine. So my annoyance was, we accept the answer, but aloof acquaint me the answer. And she wouldn’t do that. And at the actual end, I said, ‘You know, for your family’s sake, for your sake, for everybody that’s been attractive for you about the country, aloof acquaint us you’re Elizabeth Smart.’ Afore she got into the convoying car, she said, ‘Thou sayest.'”

“If you lived beneath browbeating and threats constantly, you know, what would you do? I anticipate Elizabeth angry central and survived,” Ed told Katie Couric on Dateline in October 2003 during the family’s aboriginal TV sit-down ashamed Elizabeth came home. Every arrangement had been angling for the big interview, and NBC got it as allotment of a amalgamation accord with Doubleday, which was publishing the Smarts’ book. (CBS, however, aired the aboriginal TV movie, The Elizabeth Smart Story, that November.)

He added, “They were nine months that you couldn’t brainstorm anytime accident in your life, ever. To anticipate that somebody would appear into the abode and booty her was just, article you couldn’t accept would anytime happen.”

Neither her parents nor Elizabeth, still shy of her 16th birthday, went into actual abundant detail about what she endured. “I anticipate there’s some things altered about me,” the boyhood said, “but I anticipate I’m still appealing abundant the aforementioned person.”

Mitchell had affected her to accumulate a journal, admitting he’d abundantly acquaint her what to address in it. In her own appearance of abstruse rebellion, Smart would accomplish addendum in French cogent her accurate animosity about the situation.

Asked what one of the best things about actuality home was, she said, “Um, aloof actuality ashamed and not accepting to be, like, told I’m a horrible, evil, wicked, evil, angry babe every 10 seconds.”

The Smarts accustomed their acceptance and the able abutment arrangement of ancestors and clergy about them for allowance them break not abandoned strong, but optimistic, throughout the ordeal. They alike prayed for her abductor—whom their 4-year-old son William would accredit to as “the conductor.”

Responding to the assured backfire that the Smarts were base their daughter’s agony for their own gain, with a book accord and a civic TV interview, which NBC did not pay for, Couric dedicated the family.

“I assumption altered parents would accomplish altered decisions, but I anticipate Ed and Lois accept her best interests at heart, and I don’t anticipate they would accomplishment their daughter,” she said. Couric agreed with Smart’s parents not to ask the babe questions that would accomplish her appropriately uncomfortable.

Those questions would have to be answered anon abundant bottomward the road.

Despite her assurances that she was for the best allotment OK, Smart had been affected into what amounted to beastly bullwork by Mitchell, a abandoned artery preacher whose similarities to Jesus concluded with his connected bristles and beard. 

A afar ancestor of four ashamed he met and affiliated Barzee in the 1980s, his stepdaughter Louree Gaylor afterwards said that he acted afield against her ashamed he was 12, “kissing and captivation me the amiss way.” Gaylor larboard home ashamed she was 15 to get abroad from him. At some point Mitchell and Barzee were excommunicated from the Abbey of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints—which, Mitchell felt, had absent its way by abandoning polygamy as a assumption of the faith.

It was adamantine to acquaint whether he had kidnapped Elizabeth to serve as a agent wife for himself or a agent babe for Barzee, who had been addled ashamed Gaylor left, or some appalling aggregate of the two. He had a bent almanac but of almost accessory infractions, such as a DUI and shoplifting. Ashamed she lived with Mitchell, Gaylor said in a 2003 interview, he was calumniating “to a degree. He attack a dog in advanced of us, fabricated me eat my own aerial for dinner, things like that.”

“My better affair on why [Elizabeth] stayed,” she said, “could accept been a little bit of a brainwashing, because they’re actual acceptable at that. Or it could accept been drugs involved.” 

Taylor Hill/Getty Images

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It wasn’t until 2009 that Elizabeth Smart, 21 at the time, batten at breadth about actuality raped and consistently abashed during the nine months she was captivated captive. For six years she had appear beyond in interviews as awfully upbeat, considering, and impressively resilient. She accelerating aerial academy in 2006, formed as a teller at a coffer and enrolled at Brigham Young University.

But all the while, she was abashed that Mitchell, who was in bastille apprehension balloon that accomplished time, was action to get out one day.

On the actual aboriginal night afterwards she was kidnapped, Smart testified during her captor’s adequacy audition to actuate if he was mentally fit to angle trial, Mitchell “performed a commemoration to ally me to him and afterwards that he proceeded to abduction me.” He would sexually advance her “on a circadian basis, up to three or four times,” she said. She could hardly bethink a 24-hour aeon ashamed he didn’t abduction her. He affected her to booze alcohol and showed her pornography.

“Wanda would get actual agitated with him,” Smart recalled. “She’d say ‘All you do is animalism afterwards her.'” Mitchell would binding her to copse with ropes or chains to anticipate her from escaping. 

She was not questioned about why she didn’t attack to escape during a week-long aeon ashamed Mitchell was in bastille afterwards breaking into a abbey in San Diego.

At trial, Smart testified that she had been advised like an animal. Afore he raped her the aboriginal time, she had pleaded with him to stop, saying, “I’m aloof a little girl.”

Mitchell’s advocate didn’t catechism Smart’s adaptation of events; rather, he connected to assert his applicant was insane.

Mitchell was bedevilled in 2010 of kidnapping and alteration a accessory beyond accompaniment curve to appoint in beastly activity. He’s currently confined a action book in federal bastille in Arizona. Barzee was bedevilled to 15 years in federal prison, bare time served, afterwards argumentation accusable in 2009 to kidnapping and actionable busline of a minor. She additionally pleaded accusable but mentally ill to a accompaniment allegation of cabal to commit aggravated kidnapping for an attack to abduct Smart’s boyish accessory a ages afterwards Elizabeth was taken. As allotment of the deal, she agreed to aid in the case of her husband.

Asked by the case to call her captor, Smart didn’t authority back. “Evil, wicked, manipulative, sneaky, selfish, greedy, not spiritual, not religious and not abutting to God,” she said.

When he was sentenced, she looked Mitchell in the face and declared, “You will never aching me again.”

Since admission from aerial school, Smart has spent the last 11 years advocating for victims of beastly abandon and blame for added absolute laws to assure accouchement from agitated crime. Her memoir, My Story, accounting with Chris Stewart, was appear in 2013 and she anecdotal and served as a ambassador on the Lifetime cine premiering tonight, I Am Elizabeth Smart.

Alana Boden plays Smart, Skeet Ulrich plays Mitchell and Deirdre Lovejoy is Barzee. Smart recalled to the Deseret Account seeing Ulrich on set “and it was aloof affectionate of like this moment of actuality taken ashamed because he looked so abundant like Brian Mitchell,” she said. The amateur himself, she noted, was “lovely and kind.”

“It’s a appealing abominable story,” Smart said. “Certainly a lot of actual bad things happen, and I thought, ‘How could you possibly appearance that afterwards it either advancing off as aphotic and abhorrent and accord you nightmares at night, or sugar-coating aggregate and authoritative it assume like, ‘Oh, this abhorrent affair happened but it absolutely wasn’t that bad, and afresh a phenomenon happened?'”

At the 2017 Summer TCA Press Tour, Smart told E! News’ Kristin Dos Santos that she acquainted this is an ideal time to acquaint her adventure to addition bearing of girls.

“I accept met so abounding survivors and I’ve formed with so abounding victims and I’ve heard so abounding added people’s stories,” she said. “I can’t acquaint you how abounding times I’ve been approached afterwards I’ve accustomed a accent or article and somebody’s appear up to me and said, ‘I’ve never told anyone this afore but ashamed I was 14 I was raped’ or ‘when I was 12 my dad awash me to pay the mortgage on the house.’ I accept had so abounding bodies appear up to me and acknowledge their corruption that’s happened to them and they’ve never told anyone.”

Smart happened to be speaking afore the recent surge of revelations about beastly corruption and aggravation and the accepted abusage of women in entertainment, politics, the tech apple and everywhere abroad started to boss headlines. But account that there is angry ambuscade in apparent afterimage wouldn’t accept come as a abruptness to Smart, who begin backbone and purpose in convalescent from her own abhorrent experience.

“They shouldn’t accept to accumulate it a secret, they shouldn’t accept to authority it inside. Everyone deserves to be happy,” Smart said. “No one deserves to be aching in the way that I was hurt, the way that so abounding survivors and added victims are actuality hurt. No one has the appropriate to do that to them. So I appetite them to apperceive that they’re not alone.”

Smart is now a mother of two with her bedmate of bristles years, Matthew Gilmour, whom she met in Paris in 2009 on a Mormon mission trip. She said on Today beforehand this anniversary that she’s already acceptable her 2-year-old babe Chloe that the adolescent can acquaint her mom anything—and Smart will consistently be on her daughter’s side.

“I consistently acquaint her, ‘No one has the appropriate to aching you. No one has the appropriate to alarm you or accomplish you feel afraid. And if anyone hurts you, you acquaint mama,'” Smart said. “If I say it enough, and I’m there, she can acquaint me and she knows I accept her corner. She knows she can appear to me. I will action for her and I will accept her.”

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I Am Elizabeth Smart premieres Nov. 18 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

(E! and NBC are both associates of the NBCUniversal family.)

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