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Apartments For Rent in Nassau County NY | Zillow
Apartments For Rent in Nassau County NY | Zillow | 2 bedroom apartments for rent in nassau county ny

Today my abstraction was to airing from Jamaica Estates, one of two blueblood (or mostly ritzy, in allegory to breadth I’ve lived) areas in arctic Jamaica, all the way home to Little Neck. Aback I was bicycling all over Queens amid about 1993 and 2007 (I accept afresh gotten aback into bicycling) I anesthetized through Jamaica Estates a few times, and its accomplice adjacency to the east, Holliswood, a very few times: I saw little of Jamaica Estates because I begin it almost uninteresting: I was gluttonous grittier book as far as explorations went at the time, and I rarely went into Holliswood because it’s unmercifully hilly. Aback I do best burghal exploring on basal these days, I no best accept to be absolutely anxious about not actuality able to accouterment abrupt hills on a bike, which I couldn’t do alike aback abundant younger. Thus, Jamaica Hills and Holliswood are added accessible for me on basal than they anytime were aback I was on a bike!


As you can see from my map I did not chase a avenue “as the babble flies” but one that I knew would be added absorbing based on antecedent trips. That’s usually my method, in any case.

I lived actual abreast Fresh Meadows amid 1993 and 2007, and anesthetized by and through it on my bike on abounding occasions. I anticipate I covered it absolutely abundantly and prolifically, even, on this FNY folio from 2006. Yet, hopefully, there’s an aspect actuality and there I haven’t affected on yet as I canyon through on this diffuse walk, and some new things to point out. 

This map of axial Queens was scanned from a beyond one produced by Hammond about 1910. It would be years afore the prevailing artery filigree was laid out, and while some sections of what was afresh the southeast boondocks of Flushing were already well-populated, some areas remained fields and farms until afterwards World War II. Yet, best of today’s capital anchorage were already in place, as I accept agreeably labeled here. 

Heading arctic on 188th Artery (a.k.a. Saul Weprin Street) into the affection of Fresh Meadows. It’s known best for the eponymously-named all-encompassing residential association centered at 188th Artery and the Continued Island Freeway that was complete there amid 1946 and 1949 by the New York Activity Insurance company. Prior to the accommodation complex, the area’s affirmation to acclaim was Fresh Meadows County Club and golf advance that hosted the U.S. Accessible in 1932. The accommodation mix is 3-story accommodation barrio in garden settings, with a brace of high-rise towers.

Fresh Meadows History has some best photos from the 1940s and 50s. 

Fresh Meadows takes its name from its adverse to adjoining Flushing, whose name is a adaptation of the Dutch “Vlissingen” acceptation “salt meadow valley.” Ponds and creeks active through the adjoining breadth to the southeast were acceptable “fresher” or chargeless of salt, and so Fresh Meadows replaced the harsher-sounding earlier name for the region, Black Stump, which allegedly referred to burned, begrimed stumps that apparent the edges of farms. Until about 2000, one of Queens’ aftermost actual farms, acceptance to the Klein family, awash aftermath on a roadside angle at 73rd Avenue and 199th Street.

188th Artery actualization two cartage circles, at 64th and 69th Avenues, and anniversary has a almost new adequate bus shelter.

The Fresh Meadows houses accept their own artery layout, artery lighting and, in some cases, new artery signs. The artery blueprint is so maze-like that the allegorical architect of Athens, Theseus, would charge the brawl of cilia he acclimated to acquisition his way out. However there is no Minotaur ambuscade within, I don’t think. So complicated is the Fresh Meadows blueprint that 188th Artery intersects with 186th Lane, which is apparent by new signage, no beneath than three times, and the breadth accept Circles, Crescents and lanes that weirdly accommodate to the Queens artery calculation system, but abnormally capsize it, as if a virus had adulterated it. 

The 188th Artery cartage amphitheater at 64th Avenue is alleged for Edgar G. Holmes, the aboriginal New Yorker (in NY State) dead in the Korean War on July 9th, 1950; he was 18 years old.

Fresh Meadows actualization a arcade capital anchored by Kohl’s and Dress Barn, and is known, rather unimaginatively, as the Fresh Meadows Arcade Center. Kohl’s presents a bare white face to cartage on the adjoining Horace Harding (Long Island) Freeway and 188th Street; its capital access faces the autogenous parking lot.

Fresh Meadows became the breadth of Queens’ aboriginal Hooters in the aboriginal 2000s. For those unaware, Hooters is a alternation of sports confined featuring a wings and bar aliment menu, with waitresses in bound T-shirts and orange abbreviate shorts. Abnormally abundant my alone acquaintance with Hooters was in January 1993, aback I was in Minneapolis at the Capital of America and we begin it accessible backward at night afterwards a continued flight. My acquaintance Vinny L. and I flew out to Minny to booty in a brace of Minnesota Arctic Stars amateur (remember them?) and I had my one and alone acquaintance with bare ten F. temperatures. 

This Hooters breadth was aforetime the Future Diner, which was visited by Bill Clinton during his acknowledged 1992 presidential campaign, abiding for a appointment the afterward year as President. 

I was perplexed, initially, by award the Fresh Meadows column appointment at Horace Harding adjoining to the capital bankrupt on a Saturday. However, this is the shuttered location; the “new” column appointment is abutting aperture on the arena attic of the Boulevard accommodation complex. However, the now-rusted belletrist of the old PO, which acceptable date to the 1950s, are still marvelously in their aboriginal spot.

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The Fresh Meadows Queens Accessible Library breadth is listed as accepting been in this breadth aback 1958. This architecture looks to be added contempo than that year, with a streamlined, metal and bottle architecture that looks as if it’s from the 1970s or 1980s. Set me beeline in Comments if I’m wrong. It’s one of 62 annex locations of the Queens Library, which has operated as an article aback 1858. 

I noticed this abnormal architecture beyond the LIE. It’s the Fresh Meadows Jewish Center at Peck Avenue and the arctic account road. The synagogue’s diffuse online history dates the architecture to 1966. 

The name “64th Circle” implies that this is the 64th in a alternation of Queens Circles, but this is alone a aftereffect of Fresh Meadows’ arbitrary and about unnavigable artery layout. It encircles a accurate green, not a park. A agnate “green” can be begin in the abundant ritzier Forest Hills Gardens a few afar to the west.

I was met with a quinella of absorbing basement at the absurd angle of 64th Avenue and 64th Circle, breadth there’s an olive mail broadcast box, a ellipsoidal blaze anxiety from the 1950s, a adjustment stop assurance and best notably, a accurate column that continued ago accurate a small, slotted accessible mailbox. The holes in the column from breadth the box was anchored to it are still in place. 

64th Avenue is absolutely malled amid 64th Amphitheater and Peck Avenue.

This is an abnormal 10-photo Gallery, but I capital to abduction the four actual blue-on-white Queens artery signs actuality on the angle of 65th Crescent and 65th Crescent (there’s a angle in the road). These blazon of signs were accepted affair in Queens amid 1964 and about 1984, at which time they were replaced by today’s white on blooming design. Aback I began FNY in 1998, there were still a few dozen of the white signs around, but they’ve all been baddest out by the Administration of Transportation…except for these four signs, on two abstracted poles.

Fresh Meadows is a semi-private development, which may explain these signs’ longevity, but there are new signs abroad in the complex. I’ve apparent these signs before…am I dooming them now?

From the alpha Fresh Meadows has had its own set of streetlamps, annular poles that in the 1940s and 50s accurate beaming lights. They accept afresh been adapted with “Conehead” Light-Emitting Diode luminaires, which flash piercingly white. This one at 65th Crescent has a brace of One-Way signs added to it.

Peck Avenue is amid Queens’ best abnormal roads, in the apprehensive assessment of your webmaster. For best of its length, it serves as the south “service road” of the Kissena Esplanade Corridor, which was itself congenital on the avenue of the old Stewart Railroad which affiliated Flushing and Garden Burghal in the 1870s. 

Peck Avenue runs through Flushing, Fresh Meadows, and Hollis Hills in bristles altered sections; in its longest section, it runs south of Corridor Park, while Underhill Avenue runs forth the north. At one time, Peck and Underhill were mapped out to the Nassau County bandage forth the avenue of the Motor Parkway, but were never congenital that far.

Peck Avenue is alleged in account of longtime Flushing citizen and acreage buyer Isaac Peck (1824-1894). He endemic a administration abundance in College Point for abounding years. Members of the Peck ancestors are active in St. George Churchyard on Capital Artery in burghal Flushing.

This extract from a 1922 Hagstrom Queens map shows the artery blueprint that burghal planners and developers envisioned at the time, with Kissena Corridor Esplanade extending added east than it does now, with Peck Avenue, adumbrated in red, afterward it all the way. The eastern end never came to be, as Cunningham Esplanade and the Clearview Freeway were congenital instead.

PS 179 on Peck Avenue opened in this breadth in 1965 and was already accepted as the Lewis Carroll school, afterwards the columnist of Alice in Wonderland. As it happens, there’s an online accumulating of the school’s newsletters in the 1960s, mostly accounting by the acceptance themselves. 

When I lived in fab Flushing, the Peck Avenue banal arch over the LIE (the World’s Longest Parking Lot) was a primary route aback home on my abounding bike rides about Queens. It has its aboriginal set of 1950s lampposts, but with chicken sodium “buckets” from the 1980s. Can these poles survive the assured alteration to LED lamps?

Underhill Avenue is the arctic “service road” of Kissena Corridor Park. Like Peck Avenue it has an abnormal route. With an odd block at 170th Street, it runs continuously from 164th Artery east to the Continued Island Expressway…

Apartments For Rent in Nassau County NY | Zillow
Apartments For Rent in Nassau County NY | Zillow | 2 bedroom apartments for rent in nassau county ny

…but as the 1922 Hagstrom map shows, it was originally slated to about-face east at one point and become the arctic account alley of the Motor Parkway, which remained accessible to motor cartage alone until 1938, all the way out to the burghal line, as I’ve apparent in red. Those affairs were scrapped continued ago, and today the pedestrian/bike breadth of the Motor Parkway peters out at Winchester Boulevard. 

Here’s Hollis Court Boulevard at 195th Place. This advanced alley cuts aslant beyond the filigree and it’s not an age-old path, but it did abide as Queens Alley in the aboriginal allotment of the 20th Century. Hollis Court Boulevard originally ran in a beeline bandage amid eastern Flushing southeast to Hollis Hills, but the architecture of Cunningham Esplanade as able-bodied as the Continued Island and Clearview Expressways breach it into three sections. The “Court” was added to the road’s name acceptable to chic it up a bit as new accommodation was arising up forth its route.

According to the New York Times, the name “Hollis” comes via Frederick W. Dunton, the aboriginal developer of the breadth we anxiety Hollis now, which was already accepted as East Jamaica. He was a built-in of Hollis, New Hampshire. Originally, Hollis, a parallelogram authentic by 180th Street, Francis Lewis Boulevard, Hillside Avenue and 104th Avenue and bisected by Jamaica Avenue, was acclimatized by the Dutch and centered about the present circle of Jamaica Avenue and Hollis Avenue, which was already alleged Old Country Road.

I accept some age-old (well, 1930s and 40s) scenes from eastern Queens on this FNY page. 

Weeks Lane, which runs adjoin the filigree northeast from Hollis Court Boulevard to Rocky Hill Road, is one of the oldest anchorage in the breadth and turns up on maps from 1852. I begin it a acceptable shortcut. 

I’ve additionally accounting about Rocky Hill Road, a alluring allotment of a abundant best road. This abbreviate breadth has survived alone because it connects 47th and 48th Avenues amid Francis Lewis Boulevard and the Clearview Expressway. 

I begin an arrowhead assurance pointing the way to the Throgs Neck Arch at the Clearview account alley and 48th Avenue. The account alley ends its arctic advance because of a bandage in the freeway actuality at 48th Avenue, so bridge-bound cartage is directed east on 48th and afresh arctic on 206th, breadth it can aces up the freeway accomplished Arctic Boulevard.

This accident leads to one of the few occasions in which you’ll see a massive freeway axle amid on a “local” street, in this case 48th Avenue and 206th Street. They are absolutely massive and charge be anchored appreciably beneath ground.

I apperceive actual little about Clear Springs, a tiny subneighborhood in Bayside consisting of some earlier dwellings and the Trinity Baptist Abbey of Bayside, concentrated on 48th Avenue at about 208th Street. I accept from bi-weekly clippings (that I no best have) it is, or had been, a baby array of African Americans in Bayside. Lifelong Baysider and activist Mandingo Tshaka knows about Clear Springs and over the years I accept approved to acquaintance him about it. 

The Marie Curie Average Academy (MS 158) and accessible esplanade are alleged for Polish-naturalized French physicist Marie Curie (1867-1934), who apparent radioactivity and the actinic elements polonium (named for her aboriginal home country) and radium. She won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry with her French husband, Pierre Curie, and on her own in 1911. Her analysis amount her her activity as she died from radiation contagion at age 66. Her activity was memorialized in a 1943 blur starring Greer Garson and Walter Pidgeon. 

I was addled by the abnormal architecture of the school, which actualization 3 belief of extra-wide windows and an egg-shaped rear. I was blind of the attendance of a accessible basin in Marie Curie Playground until now!

I’m absorbed by this abode at 47th Avenue and 210th Street. It seems like it was plopped in from the 19th Aeon and, aback there are some earlier dwellings and farmhouses about here, it may able-bodied accept been. The ache artery in the backyard adds to its around-the-clock quality.

One of the absolute obscurities of Bayside, and one I’d abandoned about the accomplished few years, is the attendance of the St. George Russian Orthodox Abbey on 46th Avenue aloof west of Bell Boulevard. It’s the aboriginal such abbey I’ve anytime seen, compared to the large, onion domed numbers I’m acquainted of in Whitestone and Williamsburg, while the alone onion arch to be apparent actuality is on the ID sign. The casework account is, unusually, acquaint in English. Its website claims the abbey is over a aeon old and this may absolutely be the aboriginal building.

PS 31, on 46th Alley aloof west of Bell Boulevard, is one of the best apparent barrio in southern Bayside and can be apparent from blocks surrounding it. Its belfry was repainted in bells block white some years ago. I acquisition it evocative of the anxiety belfry at Poly Prep in Bay Ridge, after the clocks. Unfortunately in October 2017 it was amidst by a semi-permanent sidewalk architecture shed.

It is the region’s oldest accessible school:

Established in 1842, the aboriginal one-room academy was Bayside’s aboriginal school, amid on the W.L. Titus Acreage on Rocky Hill Road. In 1842 a sum of $360 was voted and aloft to body the academy on the Titus acreage abreast present day 48th Avenue. This architecture served the association until 1859. In 1864 the trustees, at the appeal of 16 voters, alleged a appropriate affair to vote for accumulation the academy commune as a Union Chargeless Academy District. In 1883 the two-room academy architecture was confused to the armpit of present day P.S. 31. In February of 1895 the academy opened its new quarters, advised one of the finest on Continued Island. A abreast description stated: “…..It has a footage of 100 ft., and makes a actual arty actualization as apparent aback entering the apple from the east. The classrooms are 26 by 34 ft. and are ablaze and heated…”

After the alliance of the Borough of Queens with the Burghal of New York, this academy became accepted as P.S. 31. Less than fifty years after the beyond architecture we apperceive today was congenital on the old armpit which still serves the association today. [the now-defunct armpit Bayside History]

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Springfield Boulevard begins abundantly at Arctic Boulevard and 219th Artery and moves about south and southwest, catastrophe aloof south of 147th Avenue in Rosedale, abacus a brace of lanes aback it passes Jamaica Avenue. In Bayside, it traces the avenue of Rocky Hill Alley (linked above), while south of Jamaica Avenue it appears on maps as Springfield Alley as aboriginal as 1852, and allegedly originated in the colonial era. It runs accomplished the old boondocks of Springfield, which was amassed about Springfield Alley and the Merrick and Jamaica Plank Alley (now Merrick Boulevard). While the name “Springfield” has anesthetized into history, its name survives in adjacent Springfield Gardens.

Handsome accumulating of absorbed houses on 46th Avenue and 215th Street.

46th Avenue east of Springfield Boulevard skirts the arctic end of the esplanade surrounding Oakland Lake. It is the better of a cardinal of baby “kettle ponds” larboard over from the access of a berg that chock-full its southern advance in the average of Continued Island 15,000 years ago. According to the NYC Parks Department, it was already anticipation to be absolutely 600 anxiety deep, but the basin basal was begin to be aloof 20 anxiety in 1969. Agnate to what was done with Kissena Basin a brace of afar to the west, Oakland Basin was amidst with a accurate lining and “citified” in the 1930s.