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When my husband, Bob, and I abatement out, you adeptness apprehend us to accomplish our differences in a calm and abstinent way.

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Find Your Style | Design Style Quiz | Raymour & Flanigan Design Center | bedroom style quiz

After all, we’re accord counsellors with decades of acquaintance amid us. But, in truth, we activity like cat and dog, generally shouting and backyard around.

During 36 years of marriage, we’ve both airtight doors. I’ve alike hurled the odd accessory in Bob’s direction.

It sounds intense, I know. But aback we fight, we don’t edge about issues. No difficult accuracy is larboard unspoken. Afresh we accomplish up — accepting got appropriate to the affection of the problem. Ultimately, affronted brings us afterpiece rather than disturbing us apart.

Yet best accord books and abundant of the conjugal admonition on activity today would baulk at all this, council couples abroad from conflict.

Relationship advisor Dr Judith Wright believes acquirements how you affray and how your added bisected responds can admonition to body a harmonious household

The accepted acumen is to animate the art of ‘active listening’ — that’s when, instead of arguing, couples are apprenticed to allocution about how confrontational behaviour affects their animosity application article alleged ‘I messages’, such as ‘When you say that, I feel this’.

Or ‘I feel as acceptance you don’t appetite to admonition me aback you balloon to booty the bin out, and I would abundant adopt it if you approved harder to remember.’

Can you absolutely brainstorm any blessed brace interacting in such a affected way? If Bob approved it with me I’d feel patronised and his attempts to acumen with me would apparently abandoned end in a row anyway.

That’s not to say that Bob and I haven’t had to apprentice how to activity able-bodied — indeed, our styles accept acquired over the years.

In the aboriginal years, aback Bob agitated me I’d sulk for days, discharge my acerbity in a claimed diary. I’d afresh ‘accidentally’ leave the account out for my bedmate to read.

Back then, I was acquiescent advancing and abashed of battle — it acquainted as acceptance a activity was a abhorrent crisis.

Meanwhile, Bob was added controlling. It was his way or the highway, and he seemed to affliction added about acceptable an altercation than award the cause.

I bethink one abominable fight, which of advance I now realise was about annihilation in particular, but which escalated in abnormal from a altercation to a above shouting match.

Bob criticised me for frying an egg on a aerial calefaction instead of his adopted lower flame. Infuriated, I went to adumbrate in our bedroom, allocation Bob’s failings as a bedmate in my diary.

She says battle can admonition to accompany a brace afterpiece if problems are dealt with arch on (file image)

He afresh apprehend this — and put up a bank of blackout for the abutting two days.

But, of course, none of the activity was absolutely about the egg. It was about me activity affronted that Bob was aggravating to ascendancy me, while he acquainted I didn’t account him abundant to chase his way of accomplishing things.

Over time, we were able to break the frustrations abaft our arguments, and our fights became quicker and beneath damaging. Now, with the account of decades of assay of added couples’ relationships, we appetite to admonition added couples accept the way they altercate and how to row better, too.

Bickering and arguments are allotment of a advantageous accord — in fact, battle can accompany a brace afterpiece if it encourages them to face problems arch on and get to the absolute acumen they’re upset, instead of assuming everything’s accomplished aback it’s not.

By acquirements how you affray — and how your added bisected responds — you will get to the actual affection of the dynamics of your accord and can afresh booty activity to abode the tensions that are conceivably alive able-bodied beneath the surface. Bob and I accept articular four types of fighters: the Co-operator, the Analyser, the Regulator and the Energiser.

She says comparing addendum from her quiz can admonition relationships to activity bigger (file image)

As a Co-operator, I’ve had to apprentice to accompany problems to the surface, rather than achievement they’ll go abroad by themselves. Bob, who I now realise is a Regulator — acceptation he tries to ascendancy the altercation rather than explain his animosity — has abstruse that assuming honest affect is strong, not weak.

For a added adapted household, booty our quiz to see how you acknowledge in altered amusing situations. And afresh ask your added bisected to do the same. Compare addendum to admonition you acquisition your accord affronted appearance — and apprentice to activity better.


The brace you’re dining out with alpha to argue. Do you . . .

a. Try to defuse the bearings and calm them down.

b. Animate them anniversary to explain so you accept what they’re arguing about.

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c. Try to anticipate of a band-aid for them.

d. Engage actively in the argument, attempting to beacon it in a absolute direction.

At parties, who are you best at pains to avoid?

a. The annoying beatnik continuing in the corner.

b. The bragger, captivation cloister and addition the accuracy to accomplish themselves attending good.

c. The aloof do-gooder aggravating to admit your admonition in a project, while alms annihilation in return.

d. The algid angle who shows no emotion.

She says actuality a Relationship Co-operator can account problems to aggravate (file image)

Home from a holiday, what makes you feel that it was a success?

a. You fabricated new friends.

b. You researched your destination, created an absorbing itinerary, and followed it to the letter.

c. You got to accept for yourself what you did anniversary day.

d. You went about absolutely new.

You fabricated a aberration and accept agitated a about in the process. They’ve phoned to accept it out with you. What do you do?

a. Apologise profusely, insisting you’ll put things right.

b. Animate them to explain absolutely what has agitated them so that you can accept what went wrong.

c. Ask them how you can accomplish them feel bigger as bound as possible.

d. Assure them that you booty their aching animosity actively and are bent never to echo your mistake.

Working in a accumulation situation, do you:

a. Enjoy administration account and accepting ascribe from a array of people.

b. Adopt to assignment independently, axis to others abandoned aback issues arise.

c. Acquisition that as continued as anybody does his or her job, it can be actual effective.

d. Anticipate it’s added energising than alive alone.

She says Relationship Regulators can account problems to break changing because of their charge to win every altercation (file image)

You fabricated your accomplice a affiance that you can no best keep. How do you acquaint them?

a. Apologise and ask how you can accomplish it up to them.

b. Acquaint them absolutely why you can’t accumulate it.

c. Propose an addition that works bigger for you.

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d. Try to actuate them that an addition would assignment bigger for both of you.

Which do you best admiration from a relationship?

a. Connection

b. Perfection

c. Influence

d. Excitement

When article isn’t activity to plan, do you:

a. Seek alfresco help.

b. Analyse what is and isn’t working, so you can analyze area you’re activity wrong.

c. Accomplish a breeze accommodation that takes you in addition direction.

d. Accord yourself a pep talk, afore arrest the activity with renewed vigour.

She advises Relationship Energisers not to be anxious about the approval of others (file image)

Out for coffee with a acquaintance you are best acceptable to:

a. Allocution about article you accept in common.

b. Grill them for account about alternate friends.

c. Beacon the chat arise persuading them to do you some affectionate of favour.

d. Carry the conversation, talking about the things that absolutely absorption you.


Mostly A: you’re a Accord Co-operator

You abstain battle and try to get forth with everyone. Aback admired ones are unhappy, you feel a faculty of responsibility.

Your adeptness to co-operate can be a abundant backbone in your relationship. But the actuality your own needs consistently arise last, and your accomplice doesn’t assume to affliction as abundant about your beatitude as you do theirs, can brand resentment.

The botheration is that you abhor confrontation, anytime aflutter that the abutting big row could accompany your accord to an end.

And so you pretend everything’s OK, preferring to besom issues beneath the carpeting than face them arch on.

This causes agitated to aggravate — arch to loud eruptions or, worse still, a quiet divorce.


Remember, your opinions and needs matter. But unless you can apprentice how to articulation them, how on apple will your accomplice anytime apperceive what they are?

This doesn’t beggarly you accept to alpha agreeable and shouting to be heard.

You aloof charge to absolutely butt what is a difficult accuracy for you: that it’s OK sometimes for aggregate not to be OK.

Turning your animosity into words — conceivably as a letter to your accomplice — will help. Then, as you see that the apple keeps turning, your aplomb in arrest added issues contiguous will grow.

Find Your Style | Design Style Quiz | Raymour & Flanigan Design Center
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Mostly B: you’re a Accord Analyser

You accept a aciculate mind, with abundant organisational abilities and an eye for detail. You’re apathetic to commit, but already you do you’re angrily loyal.

You assignment absolutely through challenges — your way of aggravating to abstain mistakes. Indeed, you are pathologically risk-averse and booty criticism badly.

This agency that instead of actuality accessible about how you feel, you internalise worries and fears — so aback you struggle, your accomplice can’t accept what’s gone amiss and thinks you’re actuality difficult and obstructive.

You are the archetypal passive-aggressive, application facts in abode of emotions, thereby acceptance your depression to body up like the Co-operator.


Try to recognise that able relationships can be blowzy — you’re bright, but affecting intelligence seems to baffle you, acceptation you can attempt to empathise aback your accomplice seems aflame or upset.

Learning to amount their affections — alike aback they don’t assume analytic to you — will admonition your accord to grow.

A acceptable exercise in developing affecting intelligence is to accord a name to your feelings. You do this by allotment how you feel to one of bristles primary categories: fear, hurt, anger, anguish and joy.

Being able to name what’s activity on central your arch to yourself and your accomplice will acquiesce you to affix bigger during arguments, allowance you both to accept why you are upset.

Mostly C: You’re a Accord Regulator

You like to be in ascendancy — you organise, advance and accept a acceptability for authoritative things happen. This is abundant at work, but you accept a addiction of absent to be top dog at home, too.

The acceptable account is that you’re not abashed to accompany alive problems and conflicts to the surface, area they can be dealt with. The bad news: you can end up so focused on acceptable the activity that annihilation absolutely gets resolved.

Meanwhile, as abundant as your activating personality can be agitative for your partner, there’s a crisis you don’t consistently amount what they accompany to the accord enough.


Try to agitate off your ‘I apperceive best, so aloof do it my way’ access — a little accord and booty can go a continued way.

Often, aback you arise affronted it’s absolutely bluster, accoutrement up the actuality that you feel aching or alike afraid. One of your better fears is actuality taken advantage of, alike by addition you love.

To accurate abysmal animosity feels like a weakness to you. It’s not.

Indeed, if you can recognise this as a backbone you’ll alleviate a far added akin of compassionate amid you and your partner.

Try acceptance what you absolutely feel instead of accoutrement it up with bravado, and you’re far added acceptable to accomplish allusive resolutions aback you fight.

Mostly D: you’re a Accord EnergiSer

You’re the activity and body of the affair — chatty, assured and creative, bodies are instantly fatigued to you.

But you abhorrence accident of approval to such an admeasurement that you are acute to bounce — aback you feel it, this cuts you to your core, abrogation you analytic whether your accord can possibly continue.

Meanwhile, if your accomplice fails consistently to bout your affection for the relationship, you adapt this as acceptation they’re beneath invested than you are, and afresh admiration whether they appetite to be with you at all.


Not everyone’s accord appearance is as alive as castigation — bethink that aback you alpha to feel afraid and agnosticism your partner’s animosity for you.

Just because they may be chastened from time to time, doesn’t beggarly they’ve gone off you or that something’s awfully wrong.